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Construction of world’s first energy island starts in 2024

DEME and Jan De Nul Group to Build World's First Artificial Energy Island in Belgian North Sea DEME and Jan De Nul Group, in partnership, have been awarded the contract to construct the world's inaugural artificial energy island in the Belgian North Sea. This significant project, commissioned by transmission system operator Elia, represents a major step towards a sustainable energy future. The Belgian Consortium TM Edisnon, comprised of DEME and Jan De Nul, secured the tender for this groundbreaking endeavour. Construction of Princess Elisabeth Island's foundations is currently underway, with the completion of the first of 23 concrete caissons. [...]

2 May 2024|

By 2027, scientists want to have a permanent underwater base off the coast of Wales.

By 2027, Bristol, UK-based Deep, an ocean technology and exploration business, plans to build a permanent undersea facility off the coast of Wales. Researchers from Profound Exploration Labs have uncovered plans to fabricate a base 200 meters beneath the surface, where scientists could reside for as long as 28 days all at once. At 17.5m by 6m across, Sentinel modules are supposed to be big enough for a team of six. Hoping the profound base, once complete, can give researchers stretched out admittance to the 'epipelagic zone', the most profound place where daylight enters the sea, where 90% of [...]

29 September 2023|

The most generous catamaran built by SILENT-YACHTS to date is the SILENT 80 3-Deck.

Leading manufacturer of opulent solar-powered vessels, Silent Yachts is getting ready to introduce its ground-breaking flagship the SILENT 80 3-Deck. The SILENT 80 3-Deck has numerous advantages such as: Unlimited Range Safest Marine Propulsion System Zero Emission Virtually No Maintenance Noiseless Cruising Founder and CEO of Silent-Yachts, Michael Kohler stated "What sets the 80 Series apart is that it combines incredibly high levels of luxury and sustainability like no yacht ever before. With bespoke design by Marco Casali and 26 kWp produced by the state-of-the-art solar array, there is ample energy to enjoy all the luxurious amenities on board [...]

6 September 2023|

Mercury Marine Introduces The Electric Outboards Avator 20e And 35e.

Marine motor producer Mercury Marine has added the Avator 20e and 35e electric impetus frameworks to its reach. The two models complement the Avator 7.5e outboard, which was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2023, in Mercury's range of electric propulsion. n the upcoming months, Mercury, a division of Brunswick Corporation, plans to introduce two additional electric outboard models. The company has promised to release five Avator products in 2023. “We’re thrilled to advance our electrification strategy and the Mercury Avator brand with the introduction of the 20e and 35e electric outboards,” stated John Buelow, Mercury [...]

30 August 2023|

Wind Powered Cargo Ship Sets Sail For The First Time!

Mitsubishi Organization's 2017-assembled mass transporter Pyxis Sea, contracted by transportation firm Cargill, is the main vessel to be retrofitted with two WindWings, planned by the UK's BAR Innovations and delivered by Yara Marine. WindWings are huge wing sails comparing 37.5 meters in level that can be fitted to the deck of freight ships. Cargill says Windwings are supposed to create normal fuel reserve funds of up to 30 percent on new form vessels, which could be considerably higher whenever utilized in mix with elective energizes. The establishment of the wings occurred at the Cosco shipyard in China and Pyxis [...]

23 August 2023|

Under approach to greener, cleaner business transporting

The structure of the main cruising freight transport worked for TOWT is headed to the Piriou yard in Concarneau to accept her apparatus and sails. Developed by Piriou in Giurgiu, Romania, on the banks of the Danube, the as of late sent off vessel is right now crossing the Med under tow and due in at the French yard toward August's end. TOWT (TransOceanic Wind Transport), a trailblazer in the field of clean energy for business delivering, has earnestly committed to eco-obligation, joining the legacy of cruising with current mechanical advances. It is determined that the sail-helped vessel will [...]

22 August 2023|

Lifesaving Drone Undergoing Trials on Cornish Beach

The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) is working with the RNLI to test another crisis reaction robot pilot salvage rescue service created with sharp vision advancements. Made by waterproof robot expert Swell Master, the robots are said to be equipped for further developing perception of individuals in the water, broadcasting pre-recorded and live messages by means of a Tannoy framework, and has the potential to lifesaving things, for example, inflatable floats. The crisis reaction drone pilot salvage administration can find and notice individuals in the ocean and send messages to water clients through an amplifier. Peter Dawes, [...]

11 August 2023|

MOL Advances with Wind Hunter Sail-Powered Ship Producing Hydrogen

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, in collaboration with Kyushu University and Taiyo Sangyo Co., is progressing with the next phase of its Wind Hunter Project, a plan to develop a zero-emission ship powered by wind and manufacturing hydrogen from seawater. With the help of a Japanese subsidy programme, the project will progress on the development of technologies to purify water for the creation of hydrogen. The Wind Hunter's concept is that the vessel would utilise sails for some of its propulsion and would also create hydrogen, which would be stored in tanks on board. When the wind is feeble, the ship [...]

4 August 2023|

HMS Prince Of Wales Resumes Duties After Breaking Down Last Year

Since breaking down in August as she set sail from Portsmouth Naval Base for a mission to the United States, HMS Prince of Wales has been afflicted. According to Forces Net, the battleship is ready to return to duty following a nine-month maintenance period that is projected to cost over £25 million. The £3 billion aircraft carrier has been lifted out of dry dock at the Roysth shipyard and into the River Forth, where she will power up her systems, sail under the Forth bridges, and go to Portsmouth. Captain Richard Hewitt, Commanding Officer of HMS Prince of Wales, [...]

28 July 2023|

Australian Man Found Alive After 3 Months At Sea With His Dog

In April, Timothy Shaddock, an Australian local, set forth from Mexico with his canine Bella toward his objective of French Polynesia. In the wake of being untied in the Pacific Sea for almost three months, he set foot on dry land this week. Shaddock explained during a news conference on Tuesday in Manzanillo, Mexico how grateful he was for being alive and how he and Bella were saved. Shaddock reviewed that in the wake of seeing a helicopter hovering over his boat, a Mexican fishing boat called "Maria Delia"  safeguarded him and Bella, who were 1,200 miles from land, [...]

25 July 2023|
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