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HSB Technical Ltd – Your Recruitment Partner

This is where your recruitment becomes a little easier!

We are an easy to work with recruitment business; We work with you, for and on behalf of you, we represent you, your business & your colleagues, we support and promote your brand in the same way you do.

We are a national and international recruitment supplier, providing Permanent, Fixed Term and Contract (Ltd and/or Umbrella) personnel for both long and short term assignments within the Shipbuilding, Power & Propulsion, Maritime Shipping, Energy & Renewable Energy markets.

We get it, recruitment for our clients can be drawn out, it can be tiring, time consuming and repetitive – we aim to reduce your time to hire and to make it fun.

We offer a cost effective and flexible solution for any immediate, pressing need, forthcoming opportunity or project.

We are also able to provide you with information on the latest market trends, market intelligence, pay & salary data plus benefits to ensure you are always one step ahead in attracting & retaining the best available talent.

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The Shipbuilding team can supply you with permanent and contract personnel to assist with the design, build, refit, repair of Tenders, Pleasure Yachts, Racing Vessels, Super Yachts, Commercial Vessels, Work Boats, Grey Ships and Oil Rigs.

Power & Propulsion

The Power & Propulsion team will help you with the design, service, repair, maintenance, installation, overhaul and commission of any equipment which either assists in the manoeuvre of a vessel, switching the lights on/off, moving equipment on and off the deck or power generation shore based.


The Shipping team will help you with by supplying the staff that work with your vessels such Vessel Managers, Health & Safety to Technical Superintendents and more.


The Energy team will assist you with all your renewable energy requirements covering wind, wave, solar from design build, installation, repair & commission.