HSB’s Shipbuilding division is a go to option for providing permanent and contract staff to the Ship Build, Work Boat and Pleasure / Leisure Craft Build (both motor and sail) sectors.

We have time served consultants who hold specific industry knowledge who use a detailed and growing database which provides a fruitful, transparent and ultimately useful service. HSB’s Shipbuilding division assists by supplying staff to build, repair, convert, rebuild or refit a tender, yacht, mega-yacht, work boat, cruise ship, commercial ship and naval vessel.

As a go to market leader within the Shipbuilding industry, you can rest assured the staff you receive are experienced, the service you receive is excellent and the relationship you have with the consultants is seamless.

We can supply you with both blue and white collar workers such as:
Blue Collar:
  • Mechanical Fitters

  • Marine Engineers
  • Marine Electricians
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Joiners / Carpenters / Exterior Outfitters

  • Boat Builders

  • Welders / Platers / Fabricators

  • Painters / Blasters

  • Laminators / Finishers (GRP / Composite)

White Collar:
  • Shipyard Manager

  • Project Managers

  • Owners Representatives

  • Build Supervisors

  • Design Engineers

  • Naval Architects

  • Technical Managers

  • Aftersales / Business Development

  • Warranty Support

We also take on extra positions to assist you with driving your business forwards – Please call 02392 633952 to discuss.

Shipbuilding Jobs