By 2027, Bristol, UK-based Deep, an ocean technology and exploration business, plans to build a permanent undersea facility off the coast of Wales.

Researchers from Profound Exploration Labs have uncovered plans to fabricate a base 200 meters beneath the surface, where scientists could reside for as long as 28 days all at once. At 17.5m by 6m across, Sentinel modules are supposed to be big enough for a team of six.

Hoping the profound base, once complete, can give researchers stretched out admittance to the ‘epipelagic zone’, the most profound place where daylight enters the sea, where 90% of marine life is believed to be found.

Steve Etherton, president, EMEA of Deep stated “We need to preserve the oceans. To do that, we need to understand them,”. “The oceans sit at the centre of many of the generational challenges the world is facing, and they also offer opportunities we have not even begun to comprehend.

“Through our innovative technology, Deep will enable scientists to operate at depth for extended periods of time, and we hope, in some small way, will contribute to our understanding of this life-giving environment”.

“Out of sight and out of mind — not having a better understanding of the oceans is no longer an option. Deep is coming out of stealth mode now as we need to take others on this journey. We are already talking to potential international partners, and others with a long-term view of the needs of the planet, who recognise that the up-side for humanity in preserving and husbanding the oceans is now too great to ignore.” said Sean Wolpert, President of Americas at Deep.

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