The new waterjet is the next transformation for Hamilton Jet’s longline of validated waterjets.

The first model in this revolutionary line is the HTX-30. It is the result of extensive research and stringent testing that took into account new hydrodynamics and more refined materials to produce a unit that is more efficient, longer-lasting, and simpler to install than ever before. They have pushed the waterjet to new levels with the below being the added specification.

  • High Speed Thrust Performance – 7% increase in speed efficiency, higher vessel speeds or reduced fuel burn.
  • Maximum Speed Potential – Speeds in excess of 55 knots.
  • Low Speed Thrust Performance – 19% increase in maximum thrust which helps position holding, vessel acceleration and manoeuvring response.
  • Optimised Steering – Improves precision and minimises the performance loss in turns.

The HTX-30 offers greater efficiency in a smaller package thanks to its small footprint and low-profile design. This frees up space and simplifies builds. Even better, the HTX-30 can be easily integrated into your platform thanks to its fully integrated hydraulics and controls, which make efficient use of space.

  • Waterjet Installation – Reduces the cost of installation.
  • Powertrain Compatibility – Contrasting range of engines. Allows optimal engine and gearbox selection.
  • Distributor Capability – This ensures downtime is kept to a minimum.
  • Control With Choice – Comes with all ranges of control options with blueARROW and the new AVX system.

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