The Zero Cat Catamaran will quantify north of 90 feet and is set to join hydrogen power and electric impetus to accomplish a more economical way to deal with cruising.

The Catamaran will utilize a hydrogen generator to create hydrogen from methanol ready. The framework will likewise profit from the power created by the yacht’s sunlight based power framework, with sun oriented cells incorporated into the yacht’s whole bodywork. The yacht’s fuel cell system will generate energy for both hotel loads and electric propulsion.

Nicholas Lapp, CTO of Sunreef Yachts stated “Our goal is to revolutionise the industry by offering discerning customers an exceptional zero-emission sailing experience, this project represents a milestone in our ongoing commitment to protecting our oceans and preserving the natural beauty of the sea.”

With composite-coordinated sun powered chargers incorporated into the hulls and superstructure and bimini, the organization depicted the Sunreef 80 Eco as a ‘pioneer in green yachting’.

The Zero Cat comes after Sunreef announced a number of new projects, including a new 33M Explorer Eco model with transpacific capabilities and a new range of hybrid power catamaran boats called Ultima. The yard additionally has 15 orders right now being developed, as per BOATPro, with conveyances reaching out until 2025.

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