The design of the superyacht has been revealed and is 74m long and has been designed to travel up to 75 knots above the water surface. They have called this The Plectrum.

By using adjustable foil technology this will allow the yacht to lift above the water as it travels. The hydrofoil technology will add wings under the boats hull to bring the yacht above water during movement to allow the yacht to glide on the water surface.

Also the yacht has been designed to be made out of dry carbon fibre composite materials entirely which will make the yacht as lightweight as possible. Mr Lazzarini described the design as “a different superyacht configuration which will allow much faster sea travelling than conventional similar size ships.” Lazzarini Design Studio took inspiration from hull shape boats in Americas Cup.

The yacht has four levels and can accommodate six guests alongside a shipowner suite.

The yacht will cost £70m.

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