Creating boats out of wood has been proven more cost effective with a design that is far more attractive than the usual materials used. By using wood, the boats are are thin, strong, tough, quiet, and thermally well-insulated. The construction materials are environmentally friendly, the interior skin is brightly finished, and there is little waste. This makes it possible to incorporate it into an especially elegant interior. They’re not as light as lightweight cores with carbon skins, but they’re much easier to live with and not nearly as expensive or fragile.

The outer glass/epoxy sheathing can be made of anything from lightweight cloth for impact protection to heavier laminates for structural strength in high-load areas like the keel. Some boats only have glass on the outside instead of additional layers of wood, but these heavier laminates need more work and filler to make a good surface. A disadvantage would be if the outer sheathing is punctured, it will need to be repaired immediately. But by using epoxy filler its all that the damage will need until a long-term repair can be done.

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